Chief of Staff of Allied Command Transformation to visit Vilnius

On April 11 Deputy Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt, Chief of Staff of the Allied Command Transformation (Norfolk, U.S.A.) will be paying a visit to the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE) in Vilnius, Lithuania's Ministry of Defence said.

During the visit the guest will familiarise with the activity of the NATO ENSEC COE and discuss opportunities for further cooperation.

While in Vilnius, Deputy Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt will deliver a lecture at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University in which he will represent the ongoing NATO transformation, its key tasks and the emerging challenges. The guest will also meet with Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lieutenant General Arvydas Pocius.

The Energy Security Centre was established in Vilnius last July. On October 12, 2012, it was accredited as an international military institution: the NATO Centre of Excellence (COE). Coordination at the NATO ENSEC COE comprising three subdivisions is provided by the Steering Committee. The target staff of the institution numbers up to 21 experts contributed by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Italy and Turkey. Lithuanian institutions will provide the majority of the NATO ENSEC COE personnel. Through the development of energy security concepts, doctrines and standards and by distributing actively the subject-matter expertise the NATO ENSEC COE aims at increasing the efficiency of the Alliance's activity and the interoperability of the allies at operational energy security level.