Famous TV host Acun found among al-Qaeda's hit list

Turkish cyber police have revealed famous Turkish TV host Acun Ilıcalı's name has been found on an assassination list belonging to an al-Qaeda group after team members decrypted secret computer files belonging to the group.

The cyber police team discovered the encrypted files and managed to tap into the inner workings of the al-Qaeda group, members of which were captured with 22 kilograms of A4 explosives in Tekirdag province in February. Twelve members of the terrorist group were captured after reportedly planning to stage terrorist attacks on targets in İstanbul, including the US Consulate, a synagogue and a church.

In the decoded files, police found maps, videos and images of Acun's house and offices. There were also maps of author Adnan Oktar's house, Koç Museum, the US Embassy and a synagogue in İstanbul's Fatih district.

According to Tekirdag police, a person suspected of being an al-Qaeda member had been tracked by police for two years. During this period, police found out that a group of al-Qaeda members had houses in the Çorlu district of Tekirdag and the Buyulçekmece district of İstanbul.

Police later raided nine houses in Çorlu and two in Buyukçekmece. A total of 12 people were captured with 22 kilograms of A4 explosives, five rifles and five handguns. Two of the detainees are of Chechen origin, another two are Azeri and the rest are Turkish.

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