Khalifa University students come second at Secure Abu Dhabi Conference

Khalifa University announced today that two of its students, Aamena Khalil Alhammadi and Maya Al-Hameeri, who are currently pursuing their Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, came second at the recent Secure Abu Dhabi Conference held in March.

Aamena and Maya worked in collaboration with their faculty advisors, Dr. Hadi Otrok and Dr. Rabeb Mizouni, to put together a presentation on the dangers and effects of malware on Android based smart phones. Specifically they looked at a Tic-Tac-Toe application in which they had embedded malicious malware designed to exploit the smart phones vulnerabilities.

Aamena and Maya, in addition to other undergraduate Khalifa University Computer Engineering students who submitted posters and papers to the event, had the opportunity to meet with Information Security practitioners, researchers, industry and government experts, solution providers and other prominent figures to explore the scope and nature of the latest emerging threats and trends.

"I would like to congratulate all of our students who participated in this event, especially Aamena and Maya for their second place win," said Dr. Jay Noren, Khalifa University Provost. "Events like these provide excellent opportunities for our students to meet with industry leaders and to showcase their talents and the important tools they have learned at Khalifa University.

Khalifa University is dedicated to providing our students with a high quality education, and wins like this one, show that we are developing the next generation of industry leaders." Khalifa University currently offers undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering (with optional concentration in Software Systems), and Master's degrees in Computer Engineering and Information Security, in addition to many other science and technology related offerings.