North Korea threat is very serious - former DFA Siazon

A former foreign affairs secretary on Friday warned the public that North Korea’s threat to launch ballistic missile is for real. Former DFA Sec. Domingo Siazon said threat made by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un that he will launch missile but not clear what kind of missile should not be taken for granted. “The threat is very serious,” Siazon told newsmen at the weekly forum, Balitaan sa Hotel Rembrandt.

He said that no one can predict what the young leader of North Korea is thinking and planning because he has no previous record of governance and his action could “surprise the world.” The former Philippine ambassador to Japan said ballistic missile could have warhead that could sprinkle in several countries near North Korea and only the wind direction will dictate where it will fall.

“That’s what we call yellow dust and this could be very harmful to human being,” Siazon pointed out. Although several interceptors like the patriot were already installed in different parts of the countries which were identified as targets, Siazon claimed that not all bombs and missiles can be intercepted.

According to Siazon, the date that should be watched is April 15, the birthday of the fallen leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il. “The birthday of Kim Jong Il is crucial. This could be the day of no return,” he emphasized.

Danny Atienza, a known psychic who is also present during the forum said that if North Korea launches its first missile, United States led allies will simultaneously launched their counter attack that can easily defeat the communist country.

“Sa unang pagpapalipad ng missile ng North Korea, ang kapalit nito ay pagdurog sa kanilang bansa, [On their first attempt to launch their missile, the return is more devastating that could crumple their country]” Atienza stressed.

He said he had predicted last December that he sees war that could occur in 2013 which he cannot identify which country will provoke and only now that his predictions becomes clearer as North Korea have threaten the world that they will devastate countries that maintain American bases like South Korea, Japan and Guam.

Philippines News agency