People responsible for splitting DRP will have learned a lesson today- Thasmeen

Leader of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, DRP, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has said that the people responsible for splitting the ranks of the DRP will have learned a lesson today.

Speaking at a program aired on VTV, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali said that although those who divided DRP have made their own political party and have held their presidential primary election they will have now learned a lesson.

Thasmeen said that many democratic parties of foreign countries appoint their presidential candidates without holding a presidential primary within a party. He said that it is saddening that the top leaders of the PPM are not aware of this fact and that this shows their limited knowledge of democracy.

Thasmeen said that he does not want to make any comments regarding the presidential primary of PPM but said that PPM will have learned their lesson by now.

Thasmeen said that he is not the least scared to run in a presidential primary. He said he is ready to compete against any political leader.