SC to AFP: Present soldiers in Jonas Burgos abduction

The Supreme Court directed Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff General Emmanuel Bautista to disclose to the court the location of the soldiers involved in the abduction of activist Jonas Burgos, based on the new evidence submitted by his mother, Edita.

“The Court directed the incumbent Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines Lieutenant General Emmanuel T. Bautista to submit to the Court a confidential report on the present location and/or whereabouts of these military personnel [listed in the after apprehension report dated April 30, 2007] and ensure that these military personnel can be located and served with the processes that this Court may serve, if any,” the high court said Friday.

The Apprehension Report was part of the sealed document submitted by Jonas’ mother, Edita, to the Supreme Court as among the new evidence obtained that proves the involvement of the military in the disappearance of her son six years ago.

Aside from this new evidence, the other includes a psycho social processing report and autobiography of Jonas Burgos, all of which were confidential documents belonging to a military official.

“The newly discovered evidence will prove that the officers and enlisted personnel of the particular unit of the 7th Infantry Division and the 56th Infantry Brigade are responsible for the enforced disappearance of Jonas Burgos; that these units captured and interrogated him and based on the same evidence, could probably continue to detain him or God forbid, had disposed of him in the manner that only they could explain,” Mrs. Burgos said in her petition with the high court.

Mrs. Burgos filed the petition with the Supreme Court urging it to order another hearing on her missing son’s case based on the new evidence that they have discovered.

Philippines Daily Inquirer