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Turkish minister says İstanbul as attractive as Marilyn Monroe


Turkey's European Union Minister Egemen Bagıs has said Turkey's biggest city and financial center is as attractive as Marilyn Monroe, after visiting an exhibition displaying photos of İstanbul in Luxembourg.

During his visit to Luxembourg this week, Bagıs visited the exhibition “City of Lights and Shadows” in the Place Guillaume II Square.

The exhibition, composed of photos by Timurtas Onan, will remain open until June 6.

Bagıs said he is pleased to walk through an exhibition featuring İstanbul in Luxembourg's most important square. He added that İstanbul is “Asia's most European and Europe's most Asian” city.

Bagıs said he was impressed when he heard that the square had only hosted two exhibitions and that the previous exhibition showcased photos of Marilyn Monroe. “İstanbul is also as attractive as Marilyn Monroe,” Bagıs noted.

The Turkish minister added that mosques, churches and synagogues stood side-by-side in İstanbul for 800 years.

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