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Water shortage in Kazakhstan can grow 3 times by 2050


The shortage of water in Kazakhstan can increase significantly by 2050, Minister of Environmental Protection Nurlan Kaparov stated at the conference "Building a green economy in Kazakhstan."

"The shortage of water in Kazakhstan will grow. Our country is already dependent on transboundary waters. Today, more than half of our water comes from neighboring states ... Without action, in case of a negative scenario, the demand for water resources in the country will exceed the supply threefold,” Kaparov said.

The Minister said that one of the main reasons for the negative scenario would be the increasing demand for water of the states bordering rivers, and the domestic water demand in Kazakhstan.

However, he said that the Government will take all necessary measures to prevent such a negative scenario.

According to Kaparov, it is planned to introduce water conservation technology, hold training sessions with the public, build new artificial water reservoirs and artificial lakes.

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