2,346,730 voters of Hazara division to exercise their right: CP

Some 2,346,730 voters of Hazara division would exercise their right of vote for Seven National Assembly seats and Twenty Provincial Assembly seats in the May 11 election.

This was stated by the Regional Office of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) here on Sunday. According to the notification 1,327,210 male and 1,019,520 female voters will choose their parliamentarians in forthcoming general election.

According to details, 1921 polling stations will be established. 1339 polling stations will be combined while 273 polling stations will be used for male and 269 for female voters. While 4,910 polling booths will be established. District Abbottabad has two National Assembly (NA-17,18) and five provincial assembly (PK-44 to 48) seats while District Haripur has one NA-19 and four provincial assembly (PK-49 to PK 52) constituencies.

District Mansehra has two National Assembly (NA-20,21) and five Provincial Assembly (PK-53 to PK-57) seats. District Mansehra cum Torghar has one National Assembly (NA-21) and one Provincial Assembly (PK-58) seats.

District Battagram has one NA-22 seat and two Provincial Assembly (PK-59, PK-60) constituencies. While District Kohistan has one National Assembly (NA-23) seat and three Provincial Assembly (PK-61 to PK-63) seats.

Balochistan Times