New electoral roll implementation still needs $ 20 mln

The UNDP’s Representative in Yemen has affirmed that the implementation of the new electoral roll in Yemen still needs US$ 20 million.

In an interview with Saba ,the UNDP’s Resident -Representative, Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed, indicated that the programme has played an important role along with the Yemeni government regarding the preparation for the donors meetings, noting there is optimistic especially that the donors pledges for Yemen reached over US$ eight billion.

The UNDP’s Representative said that the World Bank as an important partner of the United Nations has established a body to serve as an executive office to assist the Yemeni Ministry of Planning and the government to implement this aid.

During the interview, the UNDP’s official reviewed a number of issues and topics relating to the UNDP’s support to Yemen during the transitional phase, especially with regard to the electoral process.

In this regard, the UNDP’s Representative pointed out that the current international support available to implement the new electoral roll in Yemen is only US$ 17 million and there is a financial gap of US$ 20 million. He confirmed that that the programme would go ahead to mobilize support to cover this gap.

Philippines News agency