Rotarians gather at Savar, discussed future course

Nearly 1200 Bangladeshi Rotarians took part in an annual gathering on Saturday at Savar and discussed their future course over the next one year.

With belief in “Peace through service”, leading Rotarians called upon the country’s wealthy people and private business entities to join the effort of the Rotary Clubs for the welfare of the destitute people.

“I call upon all the well-off people and companies to come forward with donation for Rotary Clubs’ fund so that Rotarians can make their best efforts to stand for the people in need,” Rtn Ghulam Mustafa, District Governor-elect for 2013-14, told the audience at the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BAPTC).

“This is necessary to raise fund as money is needed to help people,” said Mustafa, also a former President of BAIRA. Mustafa said the next year’s target would be engaging “qualified men and women” in the Rotary movement.

The Rotary Club of Uttara, which has already emerged as one of the most dynamic clubs in Bangladesh, hosted this year’s assembly.

During the daylong gathering, leading Rotarians lectured on the future schemes for the socioeconomic development in Bangladesh in line with the Rotary International’s slogan, “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”.

The Rotarians every year gather and exchange views and do brainstorming at the annual event on how Rotary Clubs can contribute more towards the socioeconomic development of society and various other sectors for a positive change.

Incumbent District Governor Dr Ishtiaque A Zaman welcomed the participating Rotarians to the assembly and said the assembly would make them understand the future challenges and opportunities for a Rotarian.

Despite various challenges, he said, Rotarians were moving forward with a vision to change the society and encouraged the participants to be “change makers”.

Dr Zaman said there were scopes for Bangladeshi Rotarians to show the world that Bangladesh could also be part of global progress through Rotary activities.

He said it was also possible to portray Bangladesh’s positive image through Rotary activities.Dr Shahadat Hossain, a former President of the Rotary Club of Uttara and Chair of the District Assembly-2013 Organising Committee, said he was delighted to see such a great participation despite volatile political situation in the country.

He said such a good response from the Rotarians demonstrated that they were ready to work for people ignoring various adversaries.

Saturday’s event gave the Rotarians an opportunity to discuss their ideas in the context of Bangladesh’s prospects in the development sector and social challenges through which the country was going on.

As one of the prime movers for social changes, the Rotary Club International, which is a major donor for global polio vaccination campaign, uses its expertise, skills and hard-earned money to work for the betterment of the people in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world.

There are 34,000 Rotary Clubs across the world and those clubs are engaged in leadership building and helping people in need. Rotary clubs in Bangladesh are involved in many service projects to benefit the people.

Rotary Club of Uttara President Salauddin Ahmed, leading Rotarians Safina Rahman, SAM Showket Hossain and Salim Reza also spoke on the occasion.

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