S Korea to invest in RI`s power plant

South Korean investors are interested in building power plants and infrastructure in Indonesia besides other sectors such as textile, electronic and steel industries in which they have invested, South Korean Ambassador to Indonesia Kim Young-sun said.

"Representatives from some South Korean companies recently reveal interest in investing in power plant construction and infrastructure in Indonesia. Feasibility study is underway," the ambassador said here on Friday, adding that infrastructure is very important to support Indonesia`s industrialization process and development of the nation.

He noted bilateral trade and investment between South Korea and Indonesia have been expanding due to mutually beneficial and complementary economic structures. Indonesia owns huge amount of natural resources needed by South Korea, while South Korea is very competitive in the area of technology and financing.

In 2012, Indonesia exported natural gas, coal, oil and other energy resources worth USD15.7 billion to South Korea, while it imported petrochemical goods, knitted textiles, synthetic resins, hot rolled and steel sheets worth USD13.9 billion from the latter.

Philippines News agency