Second Minister resigns

Communications Minister Regine Godefroy became the second woman in as many days to quit the Haitian government.

While there has been no official communication as to the reasons why Godefroy joined former finance minister Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie in leaving the cabinet of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, media reports spoke of allegations of various types of government corruption.

The Office of the Prime Minister has already warned that it would not tolerate corruption.

Godefroy was named communications minister in January after a second Cabinet shake up by Lamote who came to office last May. She previously had been director of the postal service here.

Earlier this week, Jean-Marie, who has been in the post for a year, sent her letter of resignation to Prime Lamothe amidst constant reports that she no longer felt she had the support of her colleagues in her effort to manage the local economy.

Dubbed the “Iron Lady,” she worked in Cuba for eight years before giving up her residency there to return to Haiti in 2010. She is considered by many in Haiti and in the international community as one of the more credible and competent members of President Michel Martelly’s administration.

Political observers say her efforts to bring transparency to Haiti’s finances, initiate a large-scale reform of the management of the country’s finances and put the impoverished French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on a path to macro-economic stability have not been easy.

They said the most recent issue creating a stir among donors to the earthquake battered country is a decision by the government to issue US$432 million in no-bid contracts after Hurricane Sandy last year.