State budget surplus sharply decreases in Azerbaijan

Nijat Mustafayev; Azerbaijan’s state budget revenues in January-February, 2013, amounted to AZN 3.2 bn, expenses - AZN 2.9 bn. The State Statistical Committee told APA-Economics that AZN 308.9 mln-surplus arose between revenues and expenses made 3.7% of GDP. Compared to last year, budget revenues grew by 28%, expenses rose 2.2 times, surplus dropped 3.8 times. ‘AZN 1.5 bn or 51.9% of budget expenses was directed economic development, AZN 344.3 mln or 11.9% - to social protection and social security, AZN 185.1 mln or 6.4% - to education and health’, said the Committee.

Azeri-Press news agency