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India: how to keep the water flowing

A new project harnesses crowd-sourcing and mobile phones to address unreliable piped water supply.

To add transparency, NextDrop will then use its crowd-sourcing techniques to verify that the water has arrived.

“We can’t ensure reliable and timely water supply. We can only ensure reliable and timely information about when the water will arrive,” Kote said.

NextDrop plans on spending the next 18 months expanding its system to all of Hubli and wants to then bring the idea to other cities in India.

Hubli is one of more than 400 cities in India with populations over 100,000 that face this problem of unreliable piped water supply, according to NextDrop.

Maybe the group will even expand to other services like electricity, Kumpel said.

“I’m excited to provide a service that both helps people and helps utilities do their job better,” she said.

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