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Man gets 3D printed skull implant

A man had 75 percent of his skull replaced by a 3D printed implant.

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An artificial jaw using innovative 3D innovative technology was successfully implanted into a Dutch woman suffering from a serious jaw infection in February 2012. A Connecticut company said a man had 75 percent of his skull replaced by a 3D skull implant in March, 2013. (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

An identified American patient had 75 percent of his skull replaced by a 3D-printed implant earlier this week.

According to CNET, the implant was produced by a Connecticut company, Oxford Performance Materials (OPM).

The implant, called OsteoFab Patient Specific Cranial Device, is made of PEKK biomedical polymer and custom-fitted to each individual.

The Sydney Morning Herald said this was the first instance of a patient receiving an implant 3D-printed specifically for him.

The reason for the patient needing a skull transplant was not revealed.

OPM's president and chief executive, Scott Defelice, said 3D printing implants can shorten surgery time, cut down on risk and expenses.

This infographic explores the various uses for the cutting edge technology, from printing tools and implants to guns and art. 

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