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The world is probably ending. So as we count down to Dec. 21, GlobalPost is cramming in as many stories as it can.

Mayan Calendars: Will December 21, 2012 be the end of the world? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did the ancient Mayans Calendars predict the end of the world? Here's a nifty infographic to explain the Dec. 21, 2012 phenomenon.

Click on the infographic for a larger view.

Mike Holleron More than 1 year ago
Veronica, that is just proof of dumb. it is the mayan calander
Beki Emmer More than 1 year ago
Relax, everyone. Here is proof that Friday will come and go, Christmas will be here and over for the year, and I'm going to Floriday on New Years Day!
Veronica Hernandez More than 1 year ago
um not to be rude that isnt the mayan calendar that is the aztec calendar get ur facts straight please
kyleykim More than 1 year ago
The Maya and Aztec calendars are borrowed from the broader Mesoamerican day count systems. The long count and calendar round is specific to the Mayan calendar, although the Aztec version have similarities. As stated in the infographic, the 2012 prediction has been considered a misrepresentation of how the the calendar systems work.