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GlobalPost's Twitter feed is showcasing the voices and personal experiences of our network of correspondents. In a project called "A Friday In ...," a different correspondent based internationally takes over the GlobalPost @AFridayIn account and tweets about his or her travels and daily activities.

Beautiful brighton beach
(Corinne Purtill/Instagram/Twitter/Courtesy)

#AFridayIn: Brighton, UK

On an unexpectedly sunny day in Brighton, GlobalPost's Corinne Purtill takes us out for a day at the beach.

This past Friday, GlobalPost's Senior UK Correspondent Corinne Purtill took us out for an afternoon at the beach and pier in Brighton.

When Corinne first pitched Brighton as a possible location for the #AFridayIn series, she billed the beachy community as the go-to spot for those looking to holiday in the UK. Known for its beautiful ocean views and its festive boardwalk, the only drawback from a vacation in Brighton is the inclement weather that has come to define summertime in this holiday destination.

Not ones to let a little drizzle subtract from their day at the beach, those Brits are certainly a tough, seasoned bunch — but fortunately for us (and them), they didn't have sport any rain gear this week. This Friday was unseasonably warm and sunny, making #AFridayIn Brighton truly one to remember.

If you missed it live, catch up with Corinne's trip in the tweets below. To see the rest of GlobalPost's adventures, follow along on Twitter at @AFridayIn, or check out our series page here: #AFridayIn.