Aizuwakamatsu to turn itself into "smart community" with Fujitsu

The city government of Aizuwakamatsu, Fujitsu Ltd. and Tohoku Electric Power Co. said Wednesday they will join forces to turn the city into a "smart community" to involve the entire community in an energy-saving effort and rely more on renewable energy sources such as solar and biomass.

Fujitsu will oversee the undertaking in the Fukushima Prefecture city, which will run through March 2016, they said. The company will set up a center to control the renewable energy sources in conjunction with Tohoku Electric Power.

The city government will devise a mechanism to use electric vehicles as power sources in times of a natural disaster that could paralyze usual power supply networks because batteries in such vehicles can act as mobile units, they said.

The undertaking constitutes part of efforts to wage a recovery from the aftermath of the 2011 massive earthquake that hit Japan's northeast and ravaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the prefecture, they said.

The three have decided on the undertaking as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has told them of a decision to provide a necessary subsidy, they added.