S. Korea again slams Japanese leaders' perception of history

South Korea's Foreign Ministry spokesman repeated calls Thursday for Japanese leaders to have a correct recognition of history, referring to Japanese Cabinet members' recent visits to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine.

"To have a correct recognition of the history is easy to do. It's just to admit misdeeds and not to repeat those misdeeds," Cho Tai Young told a press briefing.

"We made our clearest position known countless (times). Japanese leaders should look honestly at what happened in the past and that's crucial in developing ties between South Korea and Japan and also maintaining stability in the region," Cho said.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe raised hackles in South Korea and other neighboring countries that suffered from Japanese military aggression in the past by suggesting that what constitutes an "invasion" really depends on the point of view of individual countries as there is no internationally fixed definition.