18 countries agree to work on enhancing environmental technologies

Representatives of 18 countries agreed Saturday to enhance cooperation between public and private sectors to expand useful environmental technologies to simultaneously achieve economic growth and greenhouse gas reduction.

The agreement came at the East Asia Low Carbon Growth Partnership Dialogue in Tokyo.

At the meeting, Japan announced its plan to comprehensively support the construction of urban infrastructure in developing countries employing advanced technologies, such as energy-efficient public transportation systems and dispersed power systems utilizing renewable energy.

"The conference was meaningful in promoting tangible countermeasures against global warming by enhancing regional cooperation in East Asia, the largest greenhouse gas emission district in the world," Japan's Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said after concluding the meeting.

Tokyo took the initiative in holding the meeting attended by China, India and ASEAN member countries as well as Russia and the United States. It was the second such conference following one in April last year.

The amount of greenhouse gas emitted by the 18 attending countries accounts for about 60 percent of global discharge.