Japan seeks swift publication of U.N. report on N. Korea sanctions

Japan's Ambassador to the United Nations Tsuneo Nishida on Friday called for a panel report on the implementation of U.N. sanctions against North Korea to be published soon after it is officially presented to the Security Council.

The Panel of Experts, which assists the council's Sanctions Committee, produces a report every year to present cases of illicit trade of military-linked materials and luxury items banned under the mandate of the sanctions imposed over Pyongyang's ballistic missile launches and nuclear tests.

It remains to be seen if this year's report, which was recently compiled, will be published.

While western countries in the Security Council are calling for its publication, China, North Korea's close ally, has been hesitant to make it public. The report produced in 2011 was never made public because of China's opposition.

"It should naturally be made public," Nishida told a press conference. "When the report is presented (to the Security Council), it should be swiftly made public so that the international community has gain knowledge (about sanctions violations and other relevant facts) through U.N. member states."