LDP wants citizens to open own websites to get more info from gov't

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party proposes to have each citizen open his or her own website so the government can provide administrative information customized to one's needs, according to a draft obtained by Kyodo News on Saturday.

Among the proposals of an LDP strategy to boost information technology, online information from the national and municipal level will be provided for every individual based on factors such as age and family composition, the draft showed.

The LDP eyes achieving this scheme within a year after a numbering system is introduced, probably in 2016, giving every Japanese citizen integrated access to their own tax, pension and medical benefit data.

The proposal notes a need to create legislation to strictly manage and protect confidential information, in light of worries the system could become a conduit for leaks and infringing privacy.

In the draft, the LDP also wants to utilize IT to ensure the security of roads and tunnels in the wake of a fatal accident in an expressway tunnel in which a ceiling collapse killed nine people last December.

According to the draft, the LDP also aims to create a new government entity, tentatively called the "Cyber Security Agency," staffed with several thousand officials and designed after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

And in a bid to help women and elderly people secure employment, the LDP will also promote "telework" enabling people to work from home or elsewhere using IT, the draft said.

The LDP is set to formalize the IT strategy plan and submit it to the government as soon as Tuesday, in the hope of having it reflected in a growth strategy to be drawn up in June, the party sources said.