Gov't compiles job assistance program focusing on women, youth

The government said Sunday it has compiled a job assistance program featuring the introduction of support funds for small and medium-sized companies to provide vocational training for women following maternity leave.

The government aims to enable women to maintain and improve their employment skills even if they take maternity leave, according to the program the government revealed at a public forum in Fukuoka.

The government will also aim to support the cultivation of young entrepreneurs and enable college students to focus more on their studies, rather than starting job hunting in the early days of their college life.

College students would start job hunting in March of their junior year under the program, three months later than under the current system.

"We will incorporate the program into the government's growth strategy as part of the engine to reconstruct the Japanese economy," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the forum.

In a bid to promote the appointment of women to higher posts, the Cabinet Office will create a database of women who have experience in assuming executive posts at companies.

The government is aiming to raise the proportion of women in executive posts to 30 percent by 2020.