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India plans $111 bil. outlay for new military corps to counter China


India plans to establish a "mountain strike corps" to counter China, saying it will spend 6.2 trillion rupees ($111 billion) in the coming years, The Times of India reported Saturday.

The corps will consist of nearly 40,000 personnel in a bid to counter China's growing military presence along the Line of Actual Control, the de facto border between India and China.

According to the report, the money will be spent over five years, with India's Cabinet committee on security soon expected to give its approval.

The Indian Army has proposed a mountain strike corps, two independent infantry brigades and two independent armored brigades.

The entire buildup would, however, take several years longer and billions of dollars more, spilling into the "13th Plan" from 2017-2022.

India established two new infantry divisions in the Lekhapani and Missamari areas in the northeastern state Assam in 2009-2010.

They are now operational and tasked to defend the northeastern state Arunachal Pradesh.

The Times of India said, "The ambitious plan will for the first time give India the capability to also launch offensive action into the Tibet Autonomous Region in the event of a Chinese attack. The corps will have two high-altitude divisions for rapid reaction."

India began to match Chinese military and infrastructural power only in the past decade, and is now beefing up its missile and fighter capabilities along the border.

China is known to have at least five fully operational airbases, an extensive rail network and thousands of kilometers of roads in Tibet, which borders India.

This would allow it to move more than 30 divisions, each with more than 15,000 soldiers, to the LAC and outnumber Indian forces by at least three to one.