Dud explosive detonated in Tokyo, trains temporarily halted

An unexploded shell pre-dating the end of World War II was detonated Tuesday at a construction site in northern Tokyo by the Ground Self-Defense Force, causing a three-hour disruption to trains traveling to and from Tokyo, ward and railway officials said.

The blast took place shortly before noon near JR Kaminakazato Station in Tokyo's Kita Ward, with bullet and commuter trains within a 100-meter radius halted from around 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., affecting about 90,000 passengers, the officials said. The site was not near residential areas, they said.

The 40-centimeter-long shell would have been used in an anti-aircraft gun by the Imperial Japanese Army, which was disbanded at the end of the war, the ward said.

East Japan Railway Co. said a total of 159 train services were halted on the shinkansen and commuter lines in Tokyo and neighboring Saitama Prefecture.