Gov't, private sector plan tie-up to export TV, music content

A public-private group will be launched this summer to promote exporting Japanese television programs and music, which is expected to expand business opportunities for related industries, sources familiar with the matter said Monday.

Under a plan pushed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, television broadcasters and record companies, the group aims to speed up the copyrighting process, boost publicity and accelerate sales of such products, the sources said.

The initiative is expected to generate 400 billion yen in sales of such content and related products over five years through 2018, the sources said.

The growth in exports of Japanese TV programs has been slow because of time-consuming work to deal with copyrights on such content as songs used in television programs.

The communications ministry aims to raise the value of Japanese TV program exports to over 16.5 billion yen a year -- the value of such exports by South Korea which has been enjoying strong viewership of its programs in Asian countries -- from the current 6 billion yen.

The group also plans to ask other entities, such as automakers and consumer electronics makers, to cooperate in marketing activities, the sources said.