U.S. military shell lands outside drill site in Hokkaido

A shell fired by U.S. military personnel landed Tuesday in a meadow outside a training site during a live-fire artillery drill in Hokkaido, a bureau of the Japanese Defense Ministry said.

The Okinawa-based U.S. Marines lost sight of the 155-millimeter howitzer shell around the target during the drill in the Yausubetsu exercise area and located it about two hours later at a point 500 meters from the maneuver area, the Hokkaido Defense Bureau said.

The U.S. military canceled the planned showing of the training to the media due to the incident.

The U.S. military has held a drill at Yausubetsu on Japan's northernmost main island since 1997 as part of efforts to reduce base-related burdens on Okinawa Prefecture. The latest drill, the 13th of its kind, began Monday and will run through June 21.