Whereabouts of U.S. whistleblower remain unknown: reports

The U.S. contractor identified as the source of leaks about U.S. electronic surveillance programs has checked out of a Hong Kong hotel he was staying at and his current whereabouts are unknown, local media reported Tuesday.

Edward Snowden, who disclosed the programs in an interview given to The Guardian newspaper, checked out of the Mira Hotel on Monday, according to the reports.

Snowden, under threat of being extradited back to the United States to face prosecution, said in the interview that he might seek asylum in Iceland.

"No matter what happens to me, the outcome will be positive for America. I do not expect to see home again, though that is what I want," he was quoted as saying.

Hong Kong and the United States have signed extradition and mutual legal assistance agreements.

Former Hong Kong security minister-turned-legislator Regina Ip said it is in Snowden's best interest to leave Hong Kong due to those agreements.