Abe shows readiness to resume leaders' dialogue with China

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed Wednesday a readiness to resume top-level dialogue between Tokyo and Beijing that has been stalled by confrontation over Japan's Senkaku Islands.

"I am ready to hold talks anytime with Chinese President Xi Jinping," Abe said in a question and answer session after delivering a speech on his economic policy.

On the Senkakus, Abe said, "China has been engaged in repeated actions of provocation to change the status quo against the backdrop of its power" in an apparent reference to Beijing's attempts to send ships to Japanese waters. "But the door for dialogue has always been open," he said.

The Abe government maintains the position that no territorial dispute exists on the Senkakus, a government source said. But the government also believes bilateral discussions should continue to ease tensions, the source said. China also claims the islands and calls them Diaoyu.