22 out of 105 female candidates win upper house seats

Twenty-two women won seats in Sunday's House of Councillors election, up five from the previous upper house election in 2010 and accounting for 21 percent of a total of 105 women who ran.

Eleven women each were elected from prefectural constituencies and the nationwide proportional representation section in the election, with all nine women from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party elected.

The ratio of women in all the winners stayed low, however, at 18.2 percent. The female winners' average age was 50.6.

The Democratic Party of Japan, the main opposition party that suffered a crushing defeat in the election, saw four of 10 female candidates elected.

Other female winners were two from the LDP's smaller partner New Komeito party, two from Your Party, three from the Japanese Communist Party, one from the Japan Restoration Party and one other.