Expected major political events after upper house election

The following is a list of expected major political events following Sunday's House of Councillors election.

July 25-27 -- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to visit Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines.

Aug. 2 -- Extraordinary Diet session to be convened, upper house president, vice-president to be elected.

Early August -- Mid-term fiscal plan, fiscal 2014 budgetary request guidelines to be compiled.

Aug. 12 -- Preliminary statistics of gross domestic product for April-June quarter to be released.

Late August -- Abe to visit Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait.

Sept. 5-6 -- Leaders of Group of 20 nations to gather in Russia.

Sept. 7 -- International Olympic Committee to hold general meeting in Argentina.

Mid-September -- Abe likely to reshuffle Cabinet, Liberal Democratic Party leadership.

Late September -- U.N. General Assembly session to be held in New York.

Oct. 7-8 -- APEC leaders to hold summit meeting in Indonesia.

Oct. 9-10 -- ASEAN leaders' summit to be held in Brunei.

Mid-October -- Extraordinary Diet session likely to be convened.