Indonesian newspaper welcomes LDP's election victory

A leading Indonesian newspaper on Tuesday welcomed the sweeping victory of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner in Sunday's upper house election.

In its editorial, the Indonesian-language Kompas daily said the LDP's victory will bring positive impacts "not only for Abe's administration, but also for Japan's economy, global monetary markets and stability in East Asia in the forthcoming years."

The victory, according to Kompas, will make Abe able to answer the challenges faced by Japan, particularly the country's huge public debt, increasing social security cost, and rising tensions with China and North Korea.

With the majorities in both the upper and lower house, the newspaper said Abe will be able to make strong decisions badly needed by the Japanese nation in dealing with their complex problems.

"Now, because Abe's position has been stronger, the region expects that Japan can walk out of its difficult period and will return to be the motor of growth," Kompas said.

"We can see that strong political support is indeed important for a leader and a government to implement their policies effectively. It will make politics work effectively," it added.