N. Korea's Kim, China's Vice President Li watch Arirang games

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the Arirang mass games together Friday in Pyongyang, a day ahead of the 60th anniversary of a truce in 1953 that ended open fighting in the Korean War.

Their joint attendance is seen as a sign North Korea is keen to demonstrate close ties with China at a time when Beijing appears to be taking a more critical stance toward Pyongyang after its third nuclear test in February and other provocations.

As Kim Jong Un arrived with Li and senior North Korean officials the packed May Day Stadium, said to have 150,000 seats, was rocked by loud cheering.

The pair, seated side by side, were at what was called a national meeting to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Korean truce and also watched a 90-minute Arirang gymnastic and artistic performance that depicted North Korean history, including the 1950-53 war.

North Korea and China fought against U.S.-led U.N. and South Korean forces in a war that left millions of people dead.

The armistice signed July 27, 1953 ended open hostilities on the still-divided Korean Peninsula, but North and South Korea remain technically at war in the absence of a peace treaty.

According to the official Xinhua News Agency, Li held talks with Kim in Pyongyang on Thursday and told the North Korean leader that China maintains its position the Korean Peninsula must be denuclearized.