Event allows New Yorkers to view live feed of Nagasaki A-bomb ceremony

A civic group staged an event Thursday to give the New York public an opportunity to watch live video feed of this year's peace ceremony to pray for the victims of the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki City 68 years ago.

The group, called the New York Peace Film Festival, used the feed with English translation provided by the Japanese city in a studio in Manhattan. Around 20 people took part to watch the event held Friday morning in Japan.

Participants were solicited through local newspapers and other means, according to Yumi Tanaka, who organized the event.

"I would like more American people to know the fact that an atomic bomb was dropped on a place where historically many Christians have lived," Tanaka said of the port city where Christian missionaries arrived more than four centuries ago.

Viewers were also introduced to the culinary culture and other attractions of the contemporary Nagasaki, including a cluster of Christian churches that the city is hoping to register as a UNESCO World Heritage site.