Senior Japanese official to visit U.S., U.K. security councils

A special adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit the United States and Britain from Monday for talks with members of their national security councils to prepare for the creation of a similar institution in Japan.

Yosuke Isozaki told Kyodo News on Friday he plans to "look into the differences in operating an NSC in a presidential system as in the United States and in a parliamentary system as in the United Kingdom" during his five-day trip.

The government plans to pass bills to create a Japanese version of the NSC in the extraordinary Diet session in the fall and set it up possibly by the year-end to strengthen the leadership of the prime minister's office in crafting long-term security policy for the changing security environment in East Asia.

Under the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's plan, the prime minister, chief Cabinet secretary, and foreign and defense ministers will meet regularly to discuss security issues and foreign and defense policies.