National Defense Academy cadets involved in insurance fraud

The Self-Defense Forces has sent papers on five National Defense Academy cadets to prosecutors on suspicion that they swindled several hundred thousand yen of insurance payouts, a Defense Ministry source said Thursday.

The candidates for senior positions in the SDF allegedly claimed they had been hospitalized with injuries to illegally obtain insurance payouts, although they were not actually injured, according to the source.

As some of the academy students have told SDF investigators that they learned how to commit the fraud from an academy graduate who has already become an SDF official, the investigators suspect similar insurance frauds may have been committed at the academy, the source said.

An academy official told Kyodo News that the institute will take strict measures against the academy students after setting the record straight.

The five allegedly faked medical cards issued by the academy's medical office between June last year to May this year by using personal computers and scanners.

They falsely listed medical care on the cards to secure payouts for treatment and hospitalization, according to the source.

An insurance company recognized the fraud after one student repeatedly demanded insurance money over a short period of time.