Osaka Mayor Hashimoto thanks Chinese student for rescuing boy

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto on Friday presented Chinese student Yan Jun with a letter of commendation for his bravery in rescuing a boy from a river swollen by a typhoon Monday.

"I jumped into the river thinking only about rescuing the boy," the 26-year-old Chinese student told the mayor.

Hashimoto told Yan, "I would like you to contribute to improving relations between Japan and China."

Yan, 26, who received a similar letter from Osaka prefectural police Wednesday, was jogging alongside the Yodo River in Osaka's Kita Ward when he found the 9-year-old boy struggling in the swollen river.

Yan immediately jumped into the river to save the boy, but was overwhelmed by its fierce flow. He retreated to the river bank and ran 350 meters downstream before diving in again and pulling the boy ashore.