Suu Kyi's party marks 25th anniversary of its founding

Myanmar's largest opposition party, the National League for Democracy, on Friday marked the 25th anniversary of its founding, with NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi calling on party members and supporters to continue to strive for a genuine "democratic union."

Speaking at a ceremony in Yangon, Suu Kyi said the party still needs to fulfill its duties to make the country a genuine democracy.

"We have to continue working hard to achieve this goal," she told hundreds of members and supporters gathered at the party's head office in Yangon.

Suu Kyi said her party had managed to survive for 25 years with the help and support from people all over the world "who believe in the same values."

The NLD was founded with the goal to achieve democracy and national reconciliation through non-violence and the party will continue to struggle to achieve that goal, Suu Kyi said.

NLD was founded in Yangon in 1989 following a popular uprising the previous year.

The party won the general election held in 1990 in a landslide but the results were never honored by the military. It staged a coup after crushing the 1988 uprising and ruled the country until 2011.

The civilian government led by President Thein Sein came to power in March 2011 as a result of the military-sponsored parliamentary elections held in 2010, and initiated political and economic reforms later that year.