Indian soldier killed from Pakistani shelling in Kashmir

Pakistani troops shelled border outposts in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir Tuesday night, killing one Indian soldier and wounding six people, Indian media reported Wednesday.

Pakistan and India agreed in their leaders' meeting in September on the need to stop exchanges of fire in the Kashmir region but the two countries' forces have remained engaged in operations.

Pakistan's Defense Ministry, meanwhile, said Wednesday Indian border forces carried out intense firing and shelling of Pakistan army posts at the border known as the "working boundary" near Sialkot during the last two days.

Spokesman Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa said Indian forces resorted to unprovoked firing on 31 posts in the Pukhlian, Chaprar, Harpar and Carhwah sectors.

He said that the Indians fired 4,000 mortar shells and 59,000 machine-gun rounds.

"Pakistani troops have effectively responded to the Indian firing," he said.

According to the Pakistani military, two civilians and one ranger soldier have been killed and 26 civilians injured at the working boundary and the Line of Control during the last two weeks.