Civic group accuses Tokyo Gov. Inose over election money

A civic group has filed a criminal complaint against Tokyo Gov. Naoki Inose for receiving 50 million yen from a hospital chain at the center of an election campaign scandal, sources familiar with the matter said Monday.

The civic group headed by Tamaki Mitsui, a former public prosecutor, sent the complaint against Inose -- as well as Torao Tokuda, former chief of the Tokushukai group, and Takeshi Tokuda, his son and House of Representative member -- to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, the sources said.

The group claims the Tokudas conspired to hand 50 million yen to Inose prior to the December 2012 gubernatorial election that he won, at the Diet members office building in Tokyo around Nov. 19 last year, but that the governor failed to record the money in his election campaign report.

Inose has said the money was a personal loan, not an election campaign contribution, and he wrote a document acknowledging such.

He also said he returned the money to the elder Tokuda's wife through one of his secretaries in September after prosecutors launched an investigation into the Tokushukai group on Sept. 17 this year on suspicion of illegally rewarding people who worked on the younger Tokuda's general election campaign in December 2012.

However, Tokuda's wife has said she is unaware the loan was a personal one. According to records held by the Tokushukai group, Inose sought 100 million yen from the group for his election campaign.