Myanmar's last remaining independence fighter dies at 91

The last remaining member of Myanmar's legendary "Thirty Comrades," a group that fought for independence from British colonial rule, died Wednesday at the age of 91 of natural causes in Yangon, local media reported Thursday.

Bo Ye Htut, also known as Aung Thein, was part of a movement led by Gen. Aung San -- father of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi -- that would become the forerunner of the modern Myanmar army.

The Thirty Comrades went to Japan for military training during World War II and returned to Myanmar the same year in 1941 with the Japanese army, driving the British out of the country.

Following independence in 1948, politically and ethnically driven unrest threw the country into years of bloody conflict, with Bo Ye Htut joining a communist group to fight the government.

He gave up the armed struggle in 1963 and later became a leading force in the 1988 pro-democracy movement.

Bo Ye Htut is survived by his two sons.