Tokyo Gov. Inose's remark to assembly revealed to be false

Tokyo Gov. Naoki Inose told the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly this week that he went home directly after receiving a large sum of money from a House of Representatives lawmaker last year, but the claim has been found to be false, metropolitan government officials said Thursday.

Inose told an assembly committee session Tuesday that he went straight home after receiving 50 million yen in cash from lawmaker Takeshi Tokuda at the latter's office in Tokyo on the evening of Nov. 20 last year.

But a record for an official metropolitan government car showed Inose used the vehicle after receiving the money.

Correcting the remark, a secretary to Inose said Thursday that he went to his own office by taxi after leaving Tokuda for a meeting, before returning home in the official car.

The secretary reiterated that Inose borrowed the money for personal purposes not linked to his campaign in the Tokyo gubernatorial election last December. Inose was then vice governor and won the governorship in the December election.