Abe says his political goal is to revise Constitution

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a TV program aired late Sunday that his goal as a politician is to revise the Constitution, while expressing his willingness to serve a long stint as premier.

Revising the Constitution is "my career goal," he said. "For what purpose did I become a politician? I definitely want to carry through with it."

Abe indicated he hoped for cooperation from the second- and third-largest opposition parties, respectively, the Japan Restoration Party and Your Party, on the envisaged constitutional change, which requires two-thirds majority support in both Diet chambers to initiate.

As a House of Representatives member, Abe, who regained power with his Liberal Democratic Party in an election landslide last December, said, "We still have three years in office. We will have to steadily do our job to lead Japan in the right direction."

"I can't easily call it quits," he added. Unlike most of his predecessors over the past decade, few of whom served much longer than a year, Abe is supported by a coalition that holds a majority in both houses since the House of Councillors election last July.

On his administration's immediate future, Abe said, "We are still halfway (to overcoming) deflation. I will attain a breakaway from deflation."