Court grants bail to defendant in high-profile threat case

The Tokyo High Court granted bail Wednesday to a 31-year-old man indicted for allegedly having remotely operated other people's personal computers to issue a bomb threat, as well as threaten other violent attacks in 2012.

After initially approving bail for Yusuke Katayama on Tuesday, the high court suspended the decision in the face of prosecutors' motion for complaint. But the court decided Wednesday to release him as it found the complaint was lodged by a prosecutor not authorized to do so.

The prosecutors argue Katayama, who has been in custody for about 13 months since his arrest in February last year, used Internet message boards to infect PCs with viruses enabling him to control them remotely and send e-mail threats, including a bomb threat that forced a New York-bound Japan Airlines flight to return to Narita airport.

Katayama, however, pleaded not guilty during the first court hearing last month and sought release on bail.

Before his arrest, police wrongly arrested four other people whose computers were remotely used to issue threats by e-mail.