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Great Weekend Reads

Another look at stories you may have missed this week.

(News Desk/GlobalPost)

In Europe anti-tobacco legislation is going up in smoke, in Johannesburg we see a taste of Williamsburg, and in the United States the American middle class continues to shrink, sending shock waves throughout the global economy.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here's a sampling of the most important stories from GlobalPost and a look at some of the news you may have missed.

America The Gutted
The crisis of the American middle class has been decades in the making. America The Gutted explores what is happening and what it means for the US as well as the global economy.






Up in smoke: Europe's tumultuous tobacco fight
Allegations of corruption, theft and conspiracy swirl over anti-tobacco legislation - and the tobacco industry swears it's the good guy.




Libya: The top 4 things you're not hearing
As Romney and Obama bicker about Libya, actual news there could affect the whole world.





The disturbing truth about China's economy
Campaign rhetoric suggests China is booming at America's expense. The reality is far from that.






Johannesburg turns hip
Downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, once known as the world's murder capital, has become a hipster destination.  





How Cuba won the missile crisis (PHOTOS)
Fidel Castro didn't negotiate to avert nuclear war in October 1962. But he got the best deal.





A message for the newly unemployed Clark Kent
Now that you've moved on from the Daily Planet, take a look at what GlobalPost is doing. 





America The Gutted: Behind the project
In a groundbreaking 10-month global investigation, GlobalPost editors and correspondents collaborated to bring readers the real story behind the shrinking American middle class.





Third party debate: Ready for prime time?
Larry King hosted a debate with presidential candidates Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, and Gary Johnson that few people will see, although perhaps more should.