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24 photos that suggest tear gas unites us all

Security forces, it seems, are the same wherever you go. From Oakland to Istanbul to Manama, anti-government protests of the last few years look eerily similar.

It's looking dystopian out there and around here, everywhere really. In no particular order, these recent AFP photos are from all over the world. You can click on the photo for the context. But suffice it to say, most of these protests are a reaction to growing income inequality, or authoritarianism, or both.


1. Turkey


2. Bahrain


3. West Bank


4. South Africa


5. Chile


6. Canada


7. Indonesia


8. Greece


9. Syria


10. Egypt


11. United States


12. Italy


13. Tunisia          


14. Thailand


15. Ukraine          


16. Bangladesh


17. Paraguay          


18. Honduras


19. France          


20. Brazil


21. Cambodia          


22. Mexico


23. India    


24. Colombia