Mali: Car bomb explodes in northern town of Kidal

Reuters reported Tuesday that a car bomb had exploded in the northern Malian town of Kidal.

It was the second such attack in the remote town in less than a week, Reuters said in a brief dispatch citing the Malian army. 

Toumast Press confirmed the deadly bombing.

Its reporters in Kidal said the suicide bomber detonated his car full of explosive at a checkpoint controled by members of the secular Tuareg MNLA rebel group, which is cooperating with the French troops to wrest control of northern Mali from Islamist insurgents.

At least four people were killed, Reuters said. 

French forces secured Kidal at the beginning of February after driving out the Islamist fighters, which have links to Al Quaeda. 

Another car bomb exploded in Kidal last Thursday, killing one person and injuring another, RFI reported.