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Brazil's off-sync samba with the US

Dilma Rousseff and Barack Obama agree about liquor, but disagree over money.

“From the US perspective, partnership means working together to add value to both parties. From the Brazilian perspective, they seem to see the relationship in terms of a zero-sum game — either the United States wins at Brazil's expense, or Brazil wins at the United States’ expense … they’re not quite on the same page,” he said.

The visit may have bruised Brazil’s ego. The Brazilian press complained that Washington denied Rousseff the honor of a state visit, a snub to Brazil's first female president. Also, what made big news in Brazil was small fry in the United States, where major media outlets gave bigger play to Obama’s meeting with the Easter Bunny.

Observers in both countries reckon the visit lacked substance, which could be a disappointment for Rousseff.

"[Rousseff] is not big on chitchat, she doesn't have the personal charisma that [former President Luiz Inacio] Lula displayed and she's not that keen on travel," said a Brazilian government official who spoke to GlobalPost on condition of anonymity.

"She is pragmatic, she likes to get down to business and get problems resolved," the official said. "They talked about whiskey and cachaça — this is not really the kind of thing that normally merits a state visit."