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An incredible freak storm covered São Paulo in 4 inches of marble-sized hail

Despite the water and ice, however, water rationing may still be a reality at the World Cup.

Here's some more extreme weather for you. Perhaps it's time you read our global report on climate change, Calamity Calling.

A freak hailstorm hit drought-stricken São Paulo on Sunday, turning parts of Brazil's largest city into a winter wonderland.


The storm dumped at least four inches of hail in some areas in a matter of hours.

For some, it was the first time they had seen such a sight in the subtropical city.


Several major roads were flooded, while others were coated in so much ice that cars became temporarily stranded.


Bulldozers were even called in to clear away the icy mess.


Dogs apparently loved it just as much as people did.


Some kids even built "hail men" or tossed "hail balls" at each other.

Others took to the streets to relax on the piles of ice.


Warm air following the storm made for steamy, surreal scenes.


But while it may have been a spectacular sight, the deluge produced just 0.4 inches of water, which won't make much of a dent in the city's historic drought.

Water levels at São Paulo's main reservoir sunk as low as 10 percent of capacity earlier this month, the lowest levels on record, leading some experts to declare water rationing "imminent" as Brazil prepares for next month's World Cup.

Here are some pretty amazing videos of the aftermath of Sunday's freak storm: